We Solve Problems through Innovation.

Our work is revolutionizing the fashion industry through our commitment in delivering state-of-the-art products that generate significant value.

Keep it Simple

Keep it clean, keep it simple. We focus on creating an intuitive grounding for our products so your experience is smooth, straight-forward, and pristine.

Keep it Sexy

Our products are fashion-forward, sleek, and sexy. We understand the importance of creating designs that are easily implementable and add a little glamour into your busy day.

Create Tangible Value

We’ve put on our yellow gloves so that you don’t have to. All of our products are focused on creating measurable value in your day-to-day activities and making your life easier.

Don't Just Make; Innovate

Ask the question- Why CAN’T my fashion do more for me? We are ahead of the game with our unique solutions to your not-so-unique problems. Pushing the realms of what is real is our muse.


We create 'smart' bag inserts that allow any standard size tote to organize itself,
power your devices on the go, give you hands-free communication capabilities, and automate ordering for your most beloved items.


The egenie is a tech-based organizational insert that slides into a standard sized tote.

The egenie has many features, including:

Modular Customization: Going from work to a drink out with the ladies? Change out the work compartment for your makeup compartment. Each compartment slides in and out easily, and plugs into the eGenie insert.

Power Up Fuss-Free: Phone dead? No more. Each eGenie comes with one induction charging pocket zone for you to charge your smartphone, and additional ports so you can plug in other devices.

No-Chat Zone: In a meeting or noisy area? No problem. Simply push the button at the top of each pocket to open it when you can’t give audio commands.

Self-Organization: After setting up with your Evalise app, your eGenie takes audio commands from the ePaire and responds by opening exactly the correct pocket. Now you don’t have to think about where you’re putting something when you’re in a rush and spend hours searching for it later. We do the thinking for you.

Nightlight: A sensor tips off your eGenie when you’re in a dark area and turns on the LED light at the top, so you can find what you need in a snitch.

Incredible Security: Rest assured that your two year old shouldn’t be able get into those pockets; Each voice wave is specific to the way you say things.


Our epaire is a wireless communications device that integrates easily with your smartphone.
Take a conversation private with a rectractable ear piece.

Your ePaire comes with a Black Vegan Leather Sleeve. But you can purchase additional sleeves to mix and match with your bags at home! Sleeves fit easily on virtually any strap with an invisible, non-snagging Velcro and elastic underside. Sleeves come in different colors and finishes, in our two collections of Vegan Leather or Premium Leather.

Use the epaire to:

Make and answer calls and texts
Make lists
Send audio commands to the eGenie and your smartphone hands-free
Send out a panic alert in case of emergencies
Keep your bag straps together when in use with our magnetic latching mechanism

Evalise App

The evalise app is an intuitive way to program your eGenie and create easy integration between your devices. But that’s not all it does!

Easy Set-Up: Simply enter your eGenie ID code and label and voice a maximum of 12 words or phrases per compartment. The app records the way you say each phrase so they’re specific to your voice. Now you can start using your eGenie and not have to worry about unwanted visitors prying.

Speedy Shopping: Tag links to your favorite items online within each word or phrase. For example, you can tag your favorite brand and color of lipstick under your phrase ‘lipstick’. Now when you run out, you can order it easily through the app and have it arrive at your doorstep!

Automated Ordering: You can even set up a time cycle to have certain items that you run out of quickly delivered at specified intervals. Now you don’t have to run to the store once you run out of that favorite mascara- Rest assured it’ll be at your door every two months! (Or whatever interval you choose.)


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